What is the API? And how does it work?

Today I’am telling you about the API, the API has full meaning of the application programming interface, and these are some function and procedures that help in creating an application. Now I explain to you how it work and what happens, with an example. As you know, when we book a flight or book a train ticket or hotel, then go to a website, there is a website, where the website that is located becomes a connection to the database and checks How many seats are there for them? But there are some website that book tickets of all companies, Hotels. But know how to do that. They are connected to all the companies, so can book all the companies’ tickets, hotel etc.. The connection between these website and companies that make connections  is called an API. The API itself helps in connecting one application to another application, through the API, any software is connected to the hardware. Like Direct X, any application that is created becomes a software, connects, the network works, all this happens with the help of API. Google also has an API that connects your hardware to Google’s software.

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